True Hire

Finally, I am able to call myself a true employee of The Propel Agency. After 2+ months of contract work, it's official! If you've read my previous posts, from when I was offered a terrible sales job to when I quit while in Paris, to when I randomly applied for my current position, you know how lucky I have been in the turns my life is taking.

Other than having the best start to the week a girl could ask for, I also have only 10 days till my marathon. T-E-N!! What a scary number! After training since June, I believe I am ready. I think the whole training for this type of race is more mental than anything. I somehow cranked out 8 9-minute miles yesterday, of course way too fast for the pace I've been training for (appx. 11), but it felt great to give my legs a stretch. Obviously, I'm antsy to get back to my 7 minute mile 5ks. I miss the speed and the total exhaustion you feel. Maybe I'll hit sub-7 in the next year or so (hopefully).

I'm also really looking forward to the feeling of finishing this type of race. I remember my first triathlon, my first half marathon, and my PR 5k, but a marathon is a completely different beast. I know my body will have been trying to quit since mile 18, that my feet will be terribly sore (think of standing for over 4 hours, then add constant pounding), and the runner's high will have come and gone. But, I want to do it so I can say that I have. Then the question is what the next big feat will be. I just hope my body doesn't crumble during the last stretch. I was that girl in high school that pushed too hard at once and ended up having a car pull around to scrape my aching body off the track after a 400. Not something I ever want to go through again.

But besides racing and working, I'm really looking forward to this weekend, especially with Halloween coming up! The last time I celebrated Halloween was enough to hold me over till now, and I plan to go to the max, meaning a killer costume. But, still no idea what to do! I'm headed to Charleston to visit Baggett, finally! 3 months is a long time to not see your best friend! In celebration of everything scary, I also decided to whip up some treats. Say hello to Candy Corn Bark. Melted white and dark chocolate, pretzels, Oreos, raisins, and candy corn make up this treat, and it will definitely be placed at work tomorrow in order to spare myself from eating all of it! I can never say no to candy corn...

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