Double Digits

NOW I remember why I told myself I would cut back from running for a bit...

This weekend was my first double-digit mileage since February's Georgia Publix Half. It was by myself, hot, painful, and I felt like I was quickly breaking down.

And then I realized I felt broken because I ran 10 miles, on Piedmont and Peachtree, two of the hilliest streets in Atlanta. Oh, and it was 80+ degrees out and I had no clean shorts so I went in running tights. They're light-weight, but not ideal for what I was doing. It was all poor planning on my part. Lesson learned

This was a sign that I need to get back to GTS (Group Training Sessions) on Saturday mornings and start getting serious about training with my group, not by myself. It is always more enjoyable with people, especially ones that have the same interests as me.

One exciting thing I have had happen was my koozies finally arrived!! For a minimum $5 donation made to my site, I'll send you one! I'm selling them at a few big events around Atlanta, so make sure you go on and get one before they sell out.


I also had a great event hosted by the amazing people of fab'rik Atlanta, where 20% of the night's purchases went to donations. I am planning on hosting another in the near future, and the only way to consider it a success is to get people there and shopping! More details will be posted soon about this.

The weekend holds a 12-miler, Braves, koozie sales, and flying by the seat of my pants while I attempt to move into my new apartment. Let's gooooo!!!

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